Spesifikasi standar Kitchen Container
1. Container : Recondition 80%
2. Ceiling frame and inside wall frame using 6mm Playwood and cover with alumunium plate
3. Ceiling, wall inside and noise absorber using 30mm thick glasswool
4. Ceiling and wall will be covered with 3mm polypaper
5. Ceiling corner covered with wood profiled strip
6. Floor corner edge covered with 2mm alumunium checkered plate
7. Floor covered by ceramic or vynil tile 300x300mm
8. All gaps between polypaper will be covered by alumunium strip
9. 3 units sliding windows with rayben glass and frame by alumunium plus safety bars
10. 2 set door, inside layer by hollow steel frame and outdoor by zing alum
11. Electrical :
1 unit mounting socket 1 phase (main plug)
1 unit MCB box 4 pools by Presto
4 unit MCB 16A, 16A, 10A, 10A
2 Unit 1 PK AC Split type Brand LG or equivalent
2 unit Exhaust fan at wall by Panasonic or Maspion
4 unit TL lamp 2x40 watt by Philips and grills
4 unit on/off switch by Panasonic
3 unit receptacles
2 unit outdoor lamp
All electrical wiring using NYM 2x2,5 and 3x2,5
1 unit fire extinguisher 6kg
Exterior will be painted using epoxy primer and finished with Nippon Marine or equivalent
Exterior colour as request by buyer
1 set canopy knock-down above of door and window
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